Turkey Ice Burgers

by itsalldelicious

I’ve been asked to post some healthy recipes (you know who you are) 😉 And today was the perfect day! This turkey burger on iceberg lettuce was the perfect meal after a 3 mile run! And… I had a few helpers in the kitchen…


Start off by chopping up a little bit of an onion and sauté until the onion has some color.


Now make a patty with your ground turkey meat. I buy Jennie-O ground turkey, but any ground turkey or turkey burger patties will do! Be sure to season well. I used salt and lemon pepper.




Slice up half of a small avocado to put on your turkey burger and use iceberg lettuce as your bun!


When the turkey burger is cooked through, place it in the lettuce and add in the onions and avocado. I didn’t use any dressing because my turkey burger was already really juicy and flavorful, but feel free to add condiments!