Mini Quiche

by itsalldelicious

So, instead of making my usual morning omelette, I decided to go a new route: mini quiche! 

Start by chopping up a handful of both onion and red bell pepper. Let those sauté until they get some nice color on them.



Roughly chop a couple handfuls of spinach (because it wilts down to almost nothing!) and throw those in the pan with the onions and peppers. Once the spinach wilts down, take the pan off the burner.



Go ahead and get your eggs ready. Crack three into a bowl and make sure to season them well! I used salt, pepper, and a little garlic powder for some extra flavor. Cook three pieces of turkey bacon and then give it a rough chop.


Now add the onion, red bell pepper, and spinach mix into the eggs, as well as the chopped up bacon! If you want, add a little bit of cheese to the mixture as well. Totally optional! Mix it up well and add a splash of milk. 


Be sure to spray your muffin pan with olive oil before adding the mixture. 


Bake at 375 degrees for about 20 minutes or until cooked thoroughly. 



Oops! Ate one before I was done taking pictures! 🙂 And there you have it: a healthy and delicous breakfast!


Recipe: (makes about 4 servings)

3 eggs (if you’re trying to be really healthy, use egg whites!)

1 handful chopped onion

1 handful red bell pepper

2-3 cups baby spinach

3 pieces turkey bacon

1/4 cup shredded cheese (optional) 

       **I tried it with and without and both were delicious!

Cherry tomatoes

          (try topping the mini quiches with these yummy tomatoes!)



Garlic Powder