Graduation Cupcakes

by itsalldelicious

I made some adorable graduation cupcakes for some of my friends since we’re all graduating tomorrow! I made the cupcakes with a white cake mix and bought ready made cream cheese icing and used red and blue food coloring to make it a lavender color. For the tassel, I used sour worms and mini m&ms….and bought some drawing icing for the cap! You’ll need some hershey bars and the small reese’s cups too!

Cook the cupcakes and let them cool completely before icing them. I found that refrigerating the icing before use helped a lot! Once you ice the cupcakes, you can immediately put the cap on the cupcakes, but be sure to refrigerate them to harden the icing up. This will make the caps secure. For the cap, use a reese’s cup and two pieces of the hershey’s chocolate. Dip the small end of the reese’s cup in icing so the chocolate bar sticks.


ImageImageTo decorate the cap, I cut the sour worms into thirds and they easily stuck to the center of the cap. Dip a mini m&m in icing and stick to the tassel to make the button. I used some icing to write on the cap too!ImageImageImageI used a little paper plate and some cellophane to bag them up! Tie a nice pretty ribbon around the gift wrap and you’re good to go!ImageImageThese make a cute and cheap gift for any graduation! I hope you enjoy making these…They’re so fun and super tasty!


What you’ll need:

Cake Mix

Cream Cheese Icing

Small Reese’s cups (about 24)

5 Hershey Bars

Sour worms

Mini M&Ms

Icing you can write with

Screen shot 2013-05-10 at 12.19.51 PM