Gift Baskets in under 60 minutes

by itsalldelicious

“Procrastinator” would describe me well today. I waited until the day before an event to make a gift basket for an auction! Luckily, it only took me one trip to get everything I needed for a perfect gift basket.

So, off I went to World Market…which has quite possibly become one of my favorite stores in the past few months. There is just so much to look at and so much stuff! They have the best of everything which is why it was so easy for me to find everything I needed for this basket.

When making a gift basket arrangement, the best thing to do is decide on a theme. I chose to name mine “Sit Back & Relax” – Sounds pretty perfect, huh?

This basket for auction was complete with bath essentials, a candle, a picture frame, wine & stemless wine glasses, and of course… chocolate! This basket has everything you need for a perfect night in.


Gift Basket Set Isn’t this great? Buy the basket, complete with raffia & a clear basket bag!


Wooden Chalkboard Clips Something like this is really cute to add an extra touch to your basket. Use these chalkboard clips to describe or name your gift basket.


I’m the kind of person who can never have too many picture frames so why not add one to the basket?


Any candle with a nice aroma


Wine of any kind! For all of you Downton Abbey fans – isn’t this just perfect?


Stemless Wine Glasses I’m obsessed with stemless wine glasses – the confetti decorations make them so much fun!


Bath salts & bubble bath Any scent will do!


Lotion & Hand soap

I wasn’t planning on blogging this but it just turned out so well!

Whoever gets this gift basket at the auction will surely love it!

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